KAMAU – Jusfayu feat. No Wyld



*song ends. left speechless.*

KAMAU has me floored. Numerous repeats. Head bobs of acknowledgement. Near dancing on top of this coffee shop table.

“Jusfayu” is easily one of the freshest tracks of the past few years and I don’t even have to think twice in saying that.

Chameleonesque in the personalities he assumes on this masterpiece, KAMAU is a one-man wrecking ball.

Vocal percussionist. Soulful lead. Swagger-filled rapper. Melodic backup singer. KAMAU does it all and the product couldn’t be better.

This is what talent sounds like.

shy kids – ® o c k e t s


In an indie music world saturated by electro and synth pop, standout music can be hard to find. Not that we don’t like that type of pop, but it’s always good to get something refreshing.

Enter shy kid’s “® o c k e t s”.

Heavy drum-kit usage, electric and bass guitars, and raspy in-your-face vocals harken back to a time when “indie music” had a different feel. A time when groups like The Shins, Arcade Fire, and Band of Horses were showing us just how good those sounds could be.

“® o c k e t s” fits that mold and I love it. I hope you will too.

Get your download here.

EDEN – End Credits


Irish producer EDEN (of “XO” fame) brings the heat with “End Credits” (and the entire End Credits EP for that matter).

He’s someone I admit I wish I had followed sooner, but I’m happy to be catching up now.

Electro-soul, layered beats, and tight production. If you’re in the mood for that, press play.

Free download here.

QUADRY – Sugar In The Wound


QUADRY is back from hiatus with a sharp, lyrical cut in “Sugar In The Wound”.

You may remember QUADRY from a couple features we did back in October of 2014 (at that point he was still going by QUADRY I).

You may not, though, and that would be a shame because QUAD is impressive.

Huge mic presence, flow that fills up the room, and meticulously structured lyrics. In my experience, that formula will create quality Hip-Hop 100% of the time.

Tune in and get to know QUADRY.