Cyril Hahn – Open ft. Ryan Ashley

In anticipation of the upcoming release of his Voices EP, Cyril Hahn has shared another masterfully crafted track in “Open”. Somewhat more subdued than the sensual “Slow”, “Open” features deep, emotional synths and light, airy vocals from Ryan Ashley. A solid song overall with excellent production. Check it.  

Ryn Weaver – Promises EP

Ryn. Get it.

An extensive writeup isn’t necessary, as I recently raved about “Promises” and Ryn Weaver in general, but it’s worth knowing that her Promises EP is out.

Megahits “OctaHate” and “Promises” are paired with two new, and impressive tracks in, “Sail On” and “Stay Low”.

I love the voice, I love the sound, I love the potential. 


Panama – Stay Forever

Panama releases their latest single, “Stay Forever”, on the eve of the European leg of their current tour. The track can sound somewhat noisy at times and is a little bit more subdued from a vocal standpoint than previous hits, “Always” and “Strange Feeling”, but warrants a listen nonetheless. At the end of the day, Panama has been one of my favorite acts of late and who knows, you may love da song. Check it and grab a free copy by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of the player. 

Arcade Fire – Afterlife (Flume Remix)


A few days old, yes, but I’ve been MIA. Needed to post.

“Afterlife” was without a doubt my favorite track off of Reflektor and Flume, well, Flume is Flume. His presence on a track is always welcome. Check his remix of the Arcade Fire hit.

warning– very long intro. if you can’t hang, things pick up around the 3:15 mark.