Ben Khan – Zenith


I don’t know what it is about Ben Khan’s music that hooks me so quickly.

The production? The innovation? The sensuality?

I can’t pinpoint it.

All I know is that Khan becomes more and more impressive with every single track he releases.

“Zenith” is his latest feat.


*Be ready for Khan’s next effort on May 11, when he drops the follow-up to his 1992 EP, 1000.

Too Many Songs, Too Little Time

Not to sound whiny with the “I’m too busy” spiel, but I’m too busy. Here are some songs I’ve been digging, but haven’t had the chance to write up.

Indie/Cool Section

Tei Shi – Go Slow


Broken Back — Happiest Man On Earth


Electronic/Dance Section

jackLNDN — Fooled Around                             ** prob my fave track out of this group**


Zak Abel & Joker — Wise Enough (Joe Hertz Remix)


GHOST LOFT — Overflow


Easy Listening Section

JAPANESE WALLPAPER — Forces (feat. Airling)

MNEK – Small Talk EP

Work’s been crazy lately.

11-12 hour days with no days off for about a month. It’s all good stuff, but with no breaks, the week starts to blend together — today might as well be a Tuesday.

It’s Saturday though, so I’ll be playing MNEK’s club-ready Small Talk EP to get my mind right. You should too.

Here’s my recommended lineup:


“Wrote a Song About You” — Pickup where you left off last night or last weekend.


“More Than a Miracle” — Start building some energy.


“The Rhythm” — Dance.



“Suddenly” — Reflect on what went down.

Years & Years – Worship


Always nice to wake up and see some new Years & Years on my SoundCloud.

The rising stars have unveiled an upbeat track in “Worship”, while also announcing their debut album, Communion, set to be released on June 22nd — Looks like 2015 will be a big year for them after all.

Check out the (impressive) tracklist for Communion and soak up some fresh material from one of our favorite bands, Years & Years.

1. ‘Foundation’
2. ‘Real’
3. ‘Shine’
4. ‘Take Shelter’
5. ‘Worship’
6. ‘Eyes Shut’
7. ‘Ties’
8. ‘King’
9. ‘Desire’
10. ‘Track 10′ – TBA
11. ‘Without’
12. ‘Border’
13. ‘Memo’

Deluxe Edition
14. ‘1977’
15. ‘Ready For You’ (Acoustic)
16. ‘Track 16′ – TBA
17. ‘King (Acoustic)’