Cyril Hahn – Voices EP


If you still only recognize Cyril Hahn’s name from his remixes, listen the Voices EP.

3 of the 4 songs have already been featured on thatbeatjuice, so I’ll keep it brief.

“Slow” is easily my favorite of the four tracks — hot, sexy, fun.

“Open” edges out “Breaking” for the number 2 spot, but both tracks feature killer synth/bass combos and catchy vocal loops.

“Getting There” has the heaviest beat of the 4 songs, but didn’t grab my attention as much as da othaz did.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable EP.

James Vincent McMorrow – When I Leave


With all the hype surrounding his album, Post Tropical, and the constant craziness of being on tour, James Vincent McMorrow has found time to record and share a new, free track in “When I Leave”.

James had this to say of his latest release:

“I’ve been recording when I can over the summer, on the flors of festival dressing rooms, in hotels, I’ve been waiting for everyone to fall asleep so I can track vocals in the back lounge of the bus. Making Post Tropical definitely lit a fire. There’s no plan for any of it, I have an album in the world and it is rightfully taking up a lot of my energy, but I’ve plenty energy to go around, I’d like to start putting out some ideas while the ink is still wet, I want people to hear them, to know what they are when we play them live during the autumn Euro and US tours.”

“When I Leave” is a dark, sexy cut filled with haunting synths and a cadence reminiscent of some classic Sufjan Stevens. Naturally, McMorrow’s striking vocals take front stage, but the masterful touch of piano and overall song composition are on point. By the 3:30 mark the track morphs into a whirlwind of noise and chorus repetition, but the overall quality of the song isn’t damaged. In the end, McMorrow has delivered another winner.

Grab a free copy by clicking here and then hitting the “download” button. 

Generationals – Black Lemon


This one snuck by me during my recent travels.

* Generationals – “Black Lemon”

* New Orleans-flavored, indie-electronic pop

* 3:00 mark is magic

* Debut album, Alix – September 16th

* Want more? “Gold Silver Diamond” + “Put a Light On”

VÉRITÉ – Weekend


New York’s VÉRITÉ follows up her debut single, “Strange Enough”, with an upbeat bit of nostalgic pop in “Weekend”. Lana Del Rey comparisons will surely be floating around after this song — the similarities are clearly present throughout the verses — though, I still sense some Tove Lo, especially during the chorus . No matter how you want to describe VÉRITÉ, the young singer is garnering positive reviews and creating fun music. Check out “Weekend” and if you’re in the New York area don’t miss VÉRITÉ’s first live performance with ASTR at Neon Gold’s POPSHOP NYC on September 18th, 2014. 

BROODS – Four Walls


BROODS released their debut album, Evergreen, last week. It’s good.

Fresh, honest, whole, and definitely worth the time of any indie/alternative pop lover.

One of my favorite cuts from the album is the raw, hopeful, and absolutely beautiful, love song, “Four Walls”.

The song paints a vivid image of ‘the fall’ - or the point of no return in a passionate, romantic relationship. You’re smitten and it sounds a little something like this:

You acknowledge that you care. You share painful memories from the past. You admit that you’re worried about what the future might hold, worried because you don’t want it to affect what the two of you have together. You know that when you’re with this person you want to make him/her happy, better. You realize that the mere presence of this person brings you a sense of security and comfort. You’re in love, you know it, and there’s no point in trying to hide it.

Sappy? Maybe. Pretty? I think so. Accurate? If you’re honest with yourself.