Milo Greene – On The Fence

Milo Greene are back with the second release from their sophomore album, Control. After listening to “White Lies” I was a little (really only a tiny bit) worried that their upcoming releases might fall into the pool of generic indie, electro, pop efforts that are floating around these days. Those concerns are out the window though, as “On The Fence” has calmed the nerves. Even though the group seems to have shifted towards more synth-driven pop,  “On The Fence” features the fresh harmonies that make Milo Greene so great/unique.

Sorry for ever doubting you guys. Love you.

Also, the “Never going to shut you down, even if I’m on the fence” line could have come straight out of a Bruce Springsteen song, right? Just the most 80s sounding thing I’ve heard in awhile. The voice, the cadence, the percussion in the background, all of it. Pure 80s. #whatadecade #iwasactuallyborninthe90s

The Magician – Magic Tape 46


You know your Tuesday is going to be good when a new Magic Tape is released. The Magician is churning out the best mix-tapes in the game right now (see Magic Tape 45 if you missed it) and this is the latest one. Solid from start to finish, beginning to end, top to bottom.

Magic indeed.

21:30 — uhhhhhhhh (Kokiri – “Retrospect”)

30:00 — thummmmmmp (DZ – “House Every Weekend”)