RÜFÜS – You Were Right



RÜFÜS are back.

The Australian trio was responsible for one of my favorite tracks of 2014 in “My Number/Charlotte” and it would come as no surprise if they ended up back on our Year End Lists for 2015.

Heck, “You Were Right” is one of the best indie-dance tracks of the year and it’s only been out a day.

Get in the RÜFÜS mood, boys and girls. With their sophomore album dropping this year, we’ll be getting a lot more good stuff over the coming months.

Klyne – Paralyzed (Official Video)

We featured “Paralyzed” back in January of this year, but with the band releasing the track as a single via Aesop and Smith & Follini providing some visuals, it seemed appropriate to revisit.

The Netherlands-based duo has changed their name since we last saw them, switching from member Nick Klein’s name to Klyne, so as to acknowledge the contributions of both Klein and Ferdous Dahzad — the shift makes some sense, as Dahzad’s production and Klein’s vocals are both deserving of praise.

The song itself is as good now as it was back in Jan. — sensual, rhythmic, repeatable — so queue it up, enjoy, and be on the lookout for more from Klyne in the near future.

Wolfside – Dreamgirl


Two wolves. One sound.

Boston duo Wolfside have graced us with a fun-loving, funky debut in “Dreamgirl”.

If you thought phrases like “I could be your man” and  “…You know it and you’re not afraid to show it” were dated, well, think again. You obviously hadn’t heard them doused in upbeat, 80s flavor.

With a dance-ready bassline, airy vocals, and precise cowbell placement, “Dreamgirl” is a summertime playlist shoe-in.

I’m excited to see what these guys come up with down the road — a strong debut and a reference to one of the cruder viral videos of the past decade (perhaps intentional, perhaps not) is enough to keep me interested.

Fletcher – War Paint


!!Guilty-pleasure Pop Alert!!

Fletcher drops a soaring summertime hit with her debut, “War Paint”.

The lyrics aren’t anything transcendental, but what mega pop success can boast such a feat?

Yeah, mega pop success. “War Paint” oozes mass appeal. Think Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” meets Tove Lo’s “Not On Drugs”.

Pretty big stuff.