The Magician – Magic Tape 46


You know your Tuesday is going to be good when a new Magic Tape is released. The Magician is churning out the best mix-tapes in the game right now (see Magic Tape 45 if you missed it) and this is the latest one. Solid from start to finish, beginning to end, top to bottom.

Magic indeed.

21:30 — uhhhhhhhh (Kokiri – “Retrospect”)

30:00 — thummmmmmp (DZ – “House Every Weekend”)

Young & Sick – Ghost Of A Chance (RAC Mix)


Think it’s pretty clear what happened here.

RAC (André Allen Anjos) visited thatbeatjuice, heard Act!on’s remix of “Ghost Of A Chance”, said to himself, “Wow this song is good”, and had to make a mix of his own.e

This is, however, one of the rare times in the history of music when I openly endorse someone else’s remix over RAC’s. Just think Act!on’s is superior and that RAC’s lagged quite a bit in the middle of the song. Either way though, they’re both good and the last minute of this version (from 3:00 on) is absolutely killer.

Listen to Act!on’s version here for comparative purposes.

Last Lynx – None Of My Friends


New cut from Swedish collective, Last Lynx.

Last time we heard from these guys they had just dropped the excellent, “Curtains”. Now they’re back with their latest offering, “None Of My Friends”.

To date, Last Lynx hasn’t varied too much in their sound, but that isn’t a bad thing. I actually enjoy their consistency quite a bit. With every release you know that you’re going to get some laid-back, melody-driven pop — I’ll take that any day.

Be on the lookout for their upcoming EP, Rifts.

Shannon Saunders – Silly Little Things


Shannon Saunders — young singer-songwriter. big voice.

The Swindon native has just released her track “Silly Little Things” and it has taken on quite a different sound than the charming acoustic version that has been around for a couple years now. No matter, the beat is booming, the hooks are still catchy, and the song is ready to be a full-on pop hit.

*Ellie Goulding comparisons forthcoming*

Paperwhite – Pieces



Late to the party with brother-sister duo, Paperwhite, but I’m just going to pretend that my timing is of the fashionable sort.

Ben and Katie Marshall. Ben is the drummer for Savoir Adore (obvious bonus points) and Katie is, well, his impressive sister with a good voice and a knack for songwriting.

In any case, these guys are cool. They’ve got a number of retro-pop tracks to their name (all of good quality) and have just released a new song in “Pieces”.

Listen to their latest cut and get acquainted the the other tracks over at their SoundCloud page — I especially like “Magic” and “Got Me Goin”


Shura – Indecision


Shura = frontrunner for my favorite artist of the year.

Loved her first two releases (probably too much) and I’m swooning all over again for “Indecision”.

Listeners will recognize the airy synths used on “Just Once” and hints of the twangy perfection from “Touch”, but “Indecision” stands out as Shura’s most upbeat track to date.

The beat is just too good. Awesome rhythm, excellent implementation of the timeless “handclap”, and so, so many layers of sound. Oh yeah, and can’t forget Shura’s dreamy voice.

She good.