Couros – Turning


London’s Couros delivers a promising debut with his mesmeric, instrumental cut, “Turning”.

Warm chords, calm soundscapes, and neatly layered production highlight Couros’ quality, while a seemingly perpetual, emotive build warrants comparisons to industry fave, Tourist.

If you’re looking to get lost in a track, “Turning” should do the trick. Press play above and keep an eye out for more from Couros.

DAVE B – Punch Drunk


Even though we featured DAVE B in our most recent catch-up, he deserves more press.

I’ve been playing his debut album, Punch Drunk, way too much not to mention him more.

We first caught wind of DAVE 10 months back when he dropped the silky, Jake-One-produced “Leaves”. Since then, the Seattle-based MC and his R&B-tinged rap have been lighting up our radar.

Often reminiscent of quick-witted, lyrical style of earlier “underground rap”, B’s voice is downright refreshing. With sharp rhymes, versatile flow, and a sound somewhere between that of Chance and Childish, DB is a welcome addition to the rap scene.

Check out Punch Drunk above  — we’re really digging: “Outside”, “Dead End”, “Cheap Sofa”, and of course, “Leaves” — and take note. DAVE B has made his entrance, now it’s time to see where he goes.

Rewind 10/28 – 11/11


Leyya – Brando

Leyya check back in with another track off of their upcoming debut album, Spanish Disco. Dark synths, stirring vocals, and a Radiohead feel in the refrain.


Joy Again – Looking Out For You

Joy Again drop some lo-fi surf-rock perfect for your next hip get together. Cool people only, please.


DAVE B – Rain

Vibes. Flow. Beats. Steez. Whatever word you want to use, DAVE B’s “Rain” has it.

‘Post show like to kick it in the rental, with the fam then I Uber to fiesta. It’s not my scene rather sit on the computer, google cup of noodles, while I’m looking up the Tesla’ 


Astronomyy – Somethin About U

Astronomyy delivers a simple message of lust and longing via mesmerizing synths and thumping bass. Tasty.



Sydney duo ISLANDIS tease us with their summery ode to travel and adventure. If you’re somewhere where you can enjoy sunshine and warmth, throw this puppy on.


AQUILO – Never Seen You Get So Low

AQUILO with a calm, airy cut in “Never Seen You Get So Low”. Downtempo, indie-electro pop with a chorus that’s sure to tempt your vocal cords.


Phoria – Melatonin

Ambient, electronic-pop here from Brighton collective, Phoria. Immediate Fall soundtrack addition.