Elderbrook – How Many Times // Rewinding


Just heard Elderbrook for the first time via Black Butter Records.

Initial thoughts after listening to “How Many Times”:

Man, that was refreshing. Awesome layers. Sax was on point — wasn’t expecting it. Who is this guy? What else has he done?


Answers to above questions:

Elderbrook is London-based Alex Kotz.

He has released two more uniquely intoxicating tracks in “Could” and “Rewinding” (the latter being my fave — see below). His Simmer Down EP is out Nov. 24th.

Milo Greene – Lie To Me

Synth-pop: 3         Indie-folk: 0

3 releases into their sophomore album, Control, and I think it’s safe to say that Milo Greene’s transition from indie-folk phenomenon to synth-pop collective is all but complete.

“Lie To Me” continues down the group’s new path and though I may have been critical of this shift in the past, the track isn’t bad. I’d still like to hear more of the “old sound”, but así es. Can’t get mad at artists for exploring new territory.